tran-go topics

» The tran-go Mobile Travel Dictionary Special Editions

tran-go topics is a special edition series of the popular travel dictionary app tran-go. tran-go topics are innovative 8-in-1 dictionary apps dedicated to a special theme and additionally enhanced by useful travel vocabulary.
   tran-go football

» The innovative football dictionary enhanced by useful travel vocabulary and with text-to-speech

tran-go football dealing with the special topic football includes a total of over 7.500 entries in the following 8 languages:
  •  German
  •  English
  •  French
  •  Spanish
  •  Italian
  •  Portuguese
  •  Russian
  •  Polish
» Universal app with portrait and landscape modes for both smartphones and tablets

» Main Features
  • Specifically assembled vocabulary designated to a special topic
  • Additionally includes useful travel terms and phrases
  • Total of over 8.000 entries in 8 languages
  • Yet another plus: Vocabulary completely offline, no Internet connection required
  • Simultaneous translation from the selected source language to all other languages with one click
  • Text-to-Speech voice output of dictionary terms for the available languages (online)
  • Easy Search Input
    • Simplified input by auto completion of the search term
    • No input necessary for mutated vowels and accents (e.g. , -> a)
    • Automatic transformation of cyrillic characters for russion input through latin keyboard
  • Quick source language change
  • 9 user interface languages, i.e. labels, buttons and help pages are localised for each available language
  • Indication of the travel situation for each term (Everyday life, Gastronomy, Medicine, Tourism etc.)
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